Sep 11, 2017

Consciously Cooking

The influence of our thoughts on the water is no longer a secret. Well, do you know the effect on cooking?

The state of your mind while you are cooking directly affects the quality of food. It is possible to transform every meal into a medical joy by conscious cooking.

Everything in the world consist of frequencies. Our minds have frequencies as well as our bodies have. Although these are the basic things about our existence, most people in the world have no idea. I hope that the spirituality can be given as a compulsory lesson in the future.

Each colors, sounds,  thoughts and emotions have its own vibration. We’re all made of vibrational energy and connected spiritually by the energy. We need to consume the energy in various forms such as water, air and food. Believe it or not..
If you do not believe, you may not have had enough vibration level yet. Fluoridated water, HZ of the music we listen, imposed media, consumption madness, eating meat and much more close our eyes to spiritual reality.
Polluted water and air, hormone injected fruits and vegetables directly reduce our vibration level.  That is also why in countries have clean air, people are becoming more innovative.

When we look at the past, many cultures have focused on the influence of emotions on food.
Greeks had the wisdom that if the food was cooked with unconditional love and had good energy, their food would be delicious and would heal them at the same time.
The Bhagavad Gita, a sacred Hindu scripture, teaches that the intention of the person cooking the food is actually transferred to the food.

We do not need only vitamins or minerals. It is the aura of the food and what kind of spirit joins when it is brought together. In short, while eating, we take our thoughts or the emotions and thoughts of others.

If we are happy and relaxed while cooking, the food will taste better and optimum nourishment will be transferred to the people eating it.
Food prepared with love and a positive mood has the healthiest food and real medicine in the world.
Throughout history, the cooks in India have had an important place. The kingdom gave them the name of "Maharaj" to show their importance for him. Maharaj means King.

We have a good memory of a childhood food our grandmother used to make for us. No matter how many times you or someone else tries that recipe, the food will not taste the same as her’s. Why does the food made by our mother or grandmother tastes delicious and makes us so happy? Unconditional love is the special and secret ingredient they put into the food while they are cooking!

If you are cooking for breakfast in the morning, you're probably thinking business notes.

If you're cooking for the dinner, in your mind there are on-site events, conversations that disturb you, answers that people ask and you answer, different alternatives to what you will talk about tomorrow, and more.

If you are a cook in a restaurant, you are cooking like crazy, you are not satisfied at the time, you are doing it for the money, you do not cook consciously. There is no sense of duty in the work done when it comes to love!

Anxieties, inferences are getting bigger by eating. As a result, you get more negative charge. Just focus on what you do to live in the moment. The smell of wood, the colors of the vegetables, the flavor, the spices ... Just focus and let to emerge unconditional love inside of you.

The great Sufi poet Rumi once remarked: “The satiated man and the hungry man do not see the same thing when they look upon a loaf of bread.”

Marc David who is Founder and Primary Teacher at Institute for the Psychology of Eating says "We were examining a plate of pasta, chicken and salad. A woman wanting to lose weight might see calories and fat. She’d respond favorably to the salad but would view the pasta with fear. An athlete trying to gain muscle mass might look at the same meal and see protein. She’d focus on the chicken and look past the other foods. A vegan could see the distasteful sight of a dead animal and wouldn’t touch anything on the plate. A chicken farmer, on the other hand, would likely be proud to see a good piece of meat. Someone trying to heal a disease through diet would see either potential medicine or potential poison, depending upon whether or not the plate of food is permissible on her chosen diet. A scientist studying nutrient content in food would see a collection of chemicals."

What’s amazing is that each of these eaters will metabolize this same meal quite differently in response to her unique thoughts. In other words, what you think and feel about a food can be as important a determinant of its nutritional value and its effect on body weight as the actual nutrients themselves.

Sound unbelievable?

The thoughts you think about the food you eat instantly become reality in your body via the central nervous system.

For instance, we love chocolate. If we consume it with a full measure of delight, digestion will be stimulated and we'll have a fuller metabolic breakdown of the chocolate while burning its calories more efficiently.
If you’re feeling guilty about eating the chocing yourself for eating it, inhibitory signals in the nervous system can decrease your calorie-burning efficiency via increased insulin and cortisol, which would cause you to store more of your guilt-infused chocolate as body fat.

The brain doesn’t distinguish between a real stressor or an imagined one. Just focus and feel what you want to create with your thoughts.

You could eat the healthiest meal on the planet, but if you’re thinking toxic thoughts the digestion of your food goes down and your fat storage metabolism can go up.

So, food is not just a physical need. It is a medicine. Cooking is an art. You can progress through your evolving journey by consuming food cooked with love.

PS: I always pay attention to style of materials standing on the plate and cooked alive. It gives an idea about vibration level of meal.
Since I have this wisdom, I never eat to be full up. I usually cook my own food and try to convert energy into a good mood if I do not have it. Sometimes I get support from nature such as clean water and air, moon, sun, rain by walking in the grass, climbing high, running on the beach, smelling a beautiful flower and reconnecting with my soul.


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