Oct 8, 2017

A Satisfying Sattvic Dish: Rice in Tangerine & Mung Bean w/ Blueberry


For the rice:

1 cup basmati rice,
1 cup warm water,
1/2 cup walnut,
3-4 juicy tangerine,
1 tbsp sesame seeds,
1 large beet,
1/2  bunch of dill,
1 tbsp minced fresh rosemary leaves.

For the bean:

1 cup mung beans,
1/2 cup blueberries, ( or pomegranate seeds)
A bunch of asparagus,
1 tsp olive oil.


1.  Wash, strain and cook rice in warm water on low heat for 5-6 minutes. Then add cutted beets, walnut, sesame seeds and tangerine juice. Cook again until they are tender. Add chopped dill, mix and set aside.

2. Bring to boil mung beans on low heat for 15 minutes. In a large pan, mix 1 tsp olive oil, asparagus slices and  blueberries for 2-3 minutes stirring occassionally until caramelized. Transfer mung beans into the pan, mix and set aside.

3. Decorate with rosemary and serve.


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