Oct 2, 2017

Easy Pumpkin Soup


500 gr sugar pumpkins,
1 large carrot,
1/2 onion finely chopped,
1 tsp garlic powder,
1 cup water,
1 vegetable stock cube,
1 tsp maple syrup,
1 cup soy milk or plant-based milk,
1/2 tsp cinnamon and sea salt,
A pinch of black pepper
A pinch of parsley,
1 tsp sesame,


1. Cut off tops of pumpkin and carrot. Bring to boil them in a large pot on medium heat for 20 minutes.

2. Remove from the oven. Let it cool for 5-10 minutes. Peel away its skin and place into the blender.

3. Add 1 cup soymilk , onion and parsley. Mix on high until completely smooth.

4. Transfer it into the large pot. Add pepper, salt, cinnamon, maple syrup, vegetable stock cube, garlic powder and 1 cup water. ( If desired, you can add 1 tbsp olive oil.)

5. Continue cooking over medium-low heat for 4-5 minutes.

6. Decorate with wild parsley and sesame.


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