Nov 22, 2017

Limely Avocado Raw Cake


3 ripe avocado,
2 lime juice,
1 tbsp lingonberry powder,
1/2 cup chopped pistachio,
7-8 ripe medjool dates,
2 tbsp organic cacao powder,
2 cup almond meal


1. Remove seed of dates and avocado.

2. Place dates, almond meal and cacao powder into the food processor, mix until completely smooth.

3. Transfer dough in a pan, press and flatten with a spoon.

4. Put into freezer for 15 minutes.

5. Place avocado and lime juice in a blender, mix on high until smooth.

6. Pour mixture over the crust layer.

7. Place freezer at least 1 hour.

8. Decorate with pistachio and lingonberry powder if desired.


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