Dec 6, 2017

Beet Tofu Carpaccio


1 dsp white rice vinegar,
1 tbsp vodka,
A pinch of  blended cinnamon, cardemom, nutmeg, salt, coriander
1 dsp vegan mustard,
3 tbsp water,
1 block firm tofu,
5 tbsp beet puree,
2 tbsp soy sauce,
Purple cabbaga sliced,
Purslane, arugula,
3-4  walnuts,
3-4 cherry tomatoes,
1 large kale leave,
1 dsp sesame oil,
1 tbsp blue agave syrup,
Vegan parmesan or your favorite vegan cheese ( I used violife after dinner with cranberries.)


1.  Wash purslane, arugula, kale, cabbaga and tomatoes. Drain and place in a plate.

2. In a pot, mix white rice vinegar, vodka, mustard, soy sauce, agave, water, sesame oil, ginger, cinnamon, cardemom, nutmeg, salt and coriander until well combined. Then add beet puree and bring to boil on medium heat for  4-5 minutes.

3. Fan out tofu and cut into thin slices.

4. Place tofu slices in a pan, pour the beet sauce onto the tofu.

5. Transfer tofu in a salad plate. Decorate with your favorite vegan cheese, beet sauce, walnuts, peppers and sesame seeds if desired.


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