Jan 15, 2018

Beluga Lentil Spinach Salad w/ Kiwi


A handful of colorful cherry tomatoes,
1/2 cup beluga lentils,
2 medium kiwi,
1 lemon juice,
1/2 avocado (optional),
1 medium head broccoli,
1 large shiitake mushroom (optional),
A handful of spinach,
2 tbsp olive oil,
2 tbsp pomegranate syrup,
A pinch of salt

1 tbsp macadamia oil,
1 tbsp apple vinegar,
1 lime juice,
2 tsp vegan djon mustard.


1. Rinse lentils and put into a pot, bring to boil on medium heat for 20 minutes. Strain and set aside to cool them. Spread a pinch of salt, mix.

2.  Wash spinach and place into plate.

3. Cut tomatoes, avocado and kiwi. Place on to the spinach.

4. Add pomegranate syrup on to the beluga lentils, mix well. Spread them over the spinach.

5. In a large pan, add olive oil, broccoli pieces and shiitake mushroom. Toss on high heat for 5 minutes until lightly fried. Place them to the plate.

6. In a small bowl, mix dressing ingredients and pour over the salad.

     Serve warm or cold!


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