Jan 18, 2018

Creamy Coconut Curry Farfalle


1 cane coconut cream ( 400ml),
2 tbsp olive oil,
1 tsp garlic puree,
1/2 tsp ginger powder,
2 tbsp curry powder,
3 tbsp vegan worcestershire sauce,
1/2 cup ( 50gr.) carrot thin sliced,
1/2 cup yellow tomatoes,
1 lime juice,
1 tsp coconut sugar,
1 tsp red pepper flakes,
1 tsp sea salt,
100 ml. vegan stock or cube,
1 tbsp nutritional yeast,
100 gr. shiitake mushroom chopped (optional)
Black pepper to taste.
300 gr. pasta (you can also make quinoa or rice coconut curry)


3-4 physalis,
Fresh mint leaves


1. Bring to boil pasta ( or quinoa, rice..) until al dante. Strain and set aside.

2. In a large pot, mix all ingredients well. Cook on medium heat 15-20 minutes until thicken.

3. Transfer pasta into the pot, toss with sauce.

4. Garnish with season herbs if desired. Serve warm!


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