Apr 23, 2018

Vanilla Cardamom Buckwheat Porridge

Serves 2,


100 gr. pre-soaked raw buckwheat,
1 apple,
200 ml. coconut milk,
1/2 tsp cardamom,
1 tbsp desiccated coconut,
2 dried plums,
1/2 tsp pure vanilla powder.


Blackberries, raspberries or your favorite berries.


1. Soak raw buckwheat for about 1 hour in water to soften them.
2. Rinse, drain the buckwheat and put them in a pan over medium heat for 10min, add a little bit of sea salt.
3. Combine the remaining ingredients with buckwheat in a food processor and mix until smooth texture.
4. Place porridge in the bowl and garnish with your favorite berries.


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