Jul 3, 2018

Turmeric Piña Colada

Serves 2


1 inch piece fresh turmeric peeled ( or 1 teaspoon dried turmeric powder),
1 fresh pineapple peeled,
1 large banana,
125 ml. coconut milk ( or almond milk),
1 teaspoon vanilla extract ( optional)
1 lemon juice,
1 tablespoon quinasure powder (optional),
1 tablespoon baileys almande (optional)


1 teaspoon turmeric powder


1. Place all ingredients into the food processor, mix on high speed until completely smooth.

2. Take a glass and fill with ice cubes.

3. Pour mixture into the glass.

4. Sprinkle with turmeric powder. Serve cold!

Note: If you use coconut milk, you'll get something that tastes even more like a pina coloda.


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