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A Passion For Mango – RAW Vegan Cheesecake



65 g raw almonds
10 g hemp hearts
80 g homemade tamarind paste or medjool dates
1/4 tsp licorice salt
1/2 tsp vanilla extract or powder from the vanilla bean


140 g cashews or macadamia soaked
2 tbsp maple, agave or coconut nectar syrup
3 tbsp lemon juice
75 g fresh high quality mango
4 tbsp passion fruit
1 tbsp extra virgin coconut oil
3 tbsp raw cacao butter melted
4 tbsp coconut cream
1/4 tsp turmeric powder


Fresh mango
Passion fruit


To make the base:

To make the base add the almonds and  hemp hearts to a food processor and blitz until they are finely ground. Add the remaining ingredients for the base and continue to blitz until all the ingredients are broken down into a crumb. The mixture should press together like a dough between your fingers. Press the dough into the bottom of your cake tin. Pack it down firmly and set aside while you making filling.

To make the filling:

To prepare the filling, add the soaked cashews, coconut cream and lemon juice to your blendtec twister jar. Blend until they are smooth. Add rest of the ingredients into blender. Process again until you get smooth mango cream. Pour mixture over the crust.  Place in the freezer for 2 hours to set.


Using a icecream spoon, take small balls from a ripe mango. Cover your cake with small mango balls, Pour passion fruit over the balls. Serve cold.

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