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My name is Nazlı. I am a vegan chef, raw foodist, cookbook author, menu designer, and digital marketing specialist. I spend half of my time developing recipes, products and marketing strategies for the companies.

I’m testing DIYs, spending the rest of my time in nature and discovering the beauty of every day. Mother Nature is my greatest inspiration.

“Gurme Vegan” was born from the idea of creating an online cookbook at the end of 2016 and devoted to plant-based gourmet cooking, finding beauty in everyday moments and enjoying food that is good for us, animals and the planet.

I live my life between Istanbul and Stockholm. I love traveling to cold countries and immerse myself in different cultures, learning from them all.

I spent my childhood in the kitchen with my chef grandfather. After many corporate experiences and learning processes in my life journey, I’ve experienced a deep spiritual change. In 2014, when I questioned the abnormality of an animal-eating diet, I was introduced to the concept of veganism and did a quick transition shortly after the awakening.

I believe that vegan nutrition also supports spiritual development, leaving to eat a dead animal body gives you incredible mental clarity. We don’t have the negativity that accumulates on the dead body of a creature that has no chance of being elected vicariously in fear. Becoming a vegan helped me to return to the roots and restore the balance.

I started to cook with great passion; I combined the knowledge I’ve acquired for years, with my intuitive side and tried perfecting the art of plant-based cooking by experimenting with many recipes over and over.

In addition to designing menus for many restaurants and cafes, I also share my enthusiasms through Instagram, my website and my cookbooks. I invite you to come along with me on my journey and to share your impressions as well.

My goal is to show and spread practical gourmet recipes that can be made by anyone. It is my hope for the innocent creatures that when people who are not vegan yet enter this page, they will see many attractive alternatives to animal food and will feel excited about going vegan.

Vegan cooking and eating should be fun, every moment is full of joy!
It is not boring or tasteless food as many people think, here we create artistic plates using the colorful gifts presented by nature

I always prefer natural, organic and no genetically modified ingredients. I’m also interested in recycling, zero food waste, and plastic reduction. I also believe in the equality of all beings; not only products that are persecuted, but also fair trade. This means that I am against any form of exploitation; Not only animals but also people!

Here you will find plant-based recipes, personal care products that you can easily do at home without chemicals, my vegan travel stories, discoveries and sharings about conscious life.

I hope this place will make you come closer to yourself, other people or the planet we live on.


All recipes are developed, directed, photographed and edited by me unless otherwise stated. All content at www.gurmevegan.com is copyrighted.
Gurme Vegan® is a registered trade mark.

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