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Calamarata Pasta with Broccoli


250 gr. calamarata pasta

150 gr. broccoli

1 yellow capsicum

1 green capsicum

1 medium red pepper

A pinch of salt

2 tbsp soy sauce

1 small box coconut cuisine cream

2 tbsp olive oil

A bunch of purslane for decorating.


1. Boil calamaratas in hot water for 5 minutes until become al dente. Strain and set aside.

2. Wash and cut capsicums and broccoli in a small pieces.

3. In a large skillet with high sides over medium heat, add coconut cream, olive oil, peppers and broccoli and mix for a couple seconds.

4. Add the pasta and sprinkle salt. Mix for 2-3 minutes on medium heat.

5. Serve and decorate with purslane.

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