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Our first meeting with Gondino vegan cheeses produced by Italian Pangea Food company was during a trip to Rome years ago.

Vegan Store Box 83 in Mercado Testaccio is located in Roma (close to the metro station in the pyramid)offers Gondino cheeses which are very large in size, half or quarter sizes are also available for small purchases.

We bought half of the cheese, loved it so much and bought the other half in the same day. When we’ve seen this cheese, It has been only couple of years since we chose the veganism. Seeing such a successful cheese surprised us.

By the way, I would say that before going vegan, we were not a cheese fan and used to consume only hard style italian cheese and parmesan on the top of pizza or pasta.

We always recommend Gondino to our friends who want to be vegan but say that it is difficult to live without cheese.

This small Vegan Store in Testaccio Mercado is run by a vegan activist woman.

Gondino has many options such as black pepper, plain, aromatic spice, hot pepper truffle mushroom. We have never seen the soft type cheese of the brand. It meets our expectation as it produces hard italian style cheeses that we love.

Sample ingredients:

water, potato starch *, coconut oil *, chickpea flour * 11%, nutritional yeast, sea salt, natural vegan flavors. * from organic agriculture
Allergens: may contain traces of soy, nuts, celery, and sesame.

Nutritional values ​​per 100 g: Kcal 251 / Kj 1047, 20.2g carbohydrates 0.6g protein 4.3g fat 17g saturated 14.7g salt 2.25g fiber 2.3g

Although the Instagram pages are a bit complicated, you can check out the other types here.

After a while, we started to see Gondino cheeses in Sweden. However, the demand is very low, as local people are not very interested in imported product consumption. It is sold in a number of places, and its expiration date can be very recent or past.
The price is also high than local vegan cheese brands in Sweden.

No matter how wide vegan product range is in Sweden, it is not possible to find all product everywhere. We have some special branches that are vegan friendly. An example is the store in Hagsätra in Stockholm. You can think it as a half vegan supermarket.

Gondino is sold in hagsätra, which is not available in other Ica stores. While purchasing, we realized that best before is coming, when we inform the market staff that we feel sorry for the situation and when we ask whether the products will be rotten or not, we had a chat.
He offered them from 5kr. He says we can return it even if it turns out corrupt. We got the box with joy and went home.
The aroma was not so strong like the fresh one but not bad. It’s definitely still delicious. We had a similar situation a few more times. Unfortunately there is not much demand for this product here.

The product is also available in the Good Store ( a vegan store) in Södermalm. It can be very variable in price around 49-65kr.

Gondino also has a parmesan sold in powder form. Its use is practical and delicious- tastes like real parmesan. It was a product that we are used to buy for a long time before switching to raw vegan nutrition. Especially it suits pasta very well.

Alternatively, Violife parmesan can be preferred, although it is not exactly the same, it has similar flavors.

Contents of Violife parmesan:
Drinking Water, Potato and Rice Starch, Food Starch Modified (Potato), Coconut Oil, Salt (Sea Salt), Rice Protein, Parmesan Flavor (Vegan Sources), Olive Extract, Beta Carotene (Color), Vitamin B12.

The most curious question here is the phrase “vegan aroma” in the ingredients part of many vegan cheese. It is mentioned in the form of aroma without explicitly specifying what it is.
An aroma usually made from Acacia tree extract which is exposed to hard processes and fermentation. Although different flavors are used, acacia is widely preferred. A lot of stores are selling these flavors online. Vegan gastronomy is one of them.

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