GOURMET RAW CAKEBOOK- A complete guide to raw vegan cakes

NEW EDITION RELEASE! – August 2020 –

A Sneak-peek to my Gourmet Raw Cakebook

Wherever you are in the world, you can learn the basics of raw pastry and go at your own pace in the comfort of your home kitchen.
It provide you with a solid foundation elevate your raw plant-based pastry work.

You can think this book as a course book. “Gourmet Raw Cakebook” includes treasure throve informations more than you could go to a course and learn in few days.
I collected the treasures I provided in my classes for years in this book and offer you a complete guide to raw cakes.

Whether you’re new to raw cakes and want to learn everything from the scratch from a trusted source or whether you are professional and need some new delicious raw dessert inspiration, “Gourmet Raw Cakebook” will provide you innovative recipes and very best technical know-how so you can introduce a whole new range of raw desserts to your life.

You will learn not only cake, but how to temper raw chocolate from scratch, you will also find decorating tips, nut free options and raw praline recipes in this book.
This cakebook is for anyone who is looking to take their raw dessert recipes to the next level, whether for personal gratification alone or for high-level professional development.
Gourmet raw cakekbook is a trusted source for next-level raw cakes.


– Pantry Cores
-Importance of Mise En Place
-Making Your Own Ingredients
-Hidden Nut-free Options
-Advanced Cake Flavouring
-Introduction to Nut Buttercreams
-Nut Buttercream Recipes & Flowers
-Truth Behind The Raw Cashews
-Importance of Fair Trade
-Choosing Local Grown
-Binding Agents
-Raw Cake Recipes
-Swedish Raw Fika Recipes
-Raw Chocolate Truth
-Cacao Varieties & Products
-Chocolate Grades
-Intro to Tempered Raw Chocolate
-Tempering Stages & Methods
-How to Flavour Chocolate
-Moulded Chocolates
-Raw Chocolate & Praline Recipes
-Natural Coloring
-Name Your Creation
-Decorating & Plating Tips

The book consists of 265 pages, all recipes are raw, vegan, gluten-free, there are also nut free options, raw praline recipes and lots of how know!

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