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How to Reduce Food Waste?

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We all had a hard time finishing food like children at a point in life and we recall in our childhood that “if you don’t finish all of your plate, it will cry from your back. ” Just a funny topic to talk about it.

Now we grow and make the right decisions.

We are aware of the damage of eating too much of what our body needs, just as we are aware of food waste.

Sometimes our priorities can force us to think healthy. Then we may need a little help or reminder.

The main reason for wasting food is to cook and shop too much, and failing to use it before it is past its best.

The most wasted foods are fruits and vegetables. Especially organic fresh foods should be consumed quickly or this is not possible, should be transformed.

There are many benefits of reducing wasted foods such as reducing methane emissions, saving money, conserving energy and resources…

I have made it extremely easy to withdraw food waste and have combined some tips to reduce food waste at your home and during meals.

Shopping Tips:

  • Buy only what you need! In markets, vegetables such as carrot cucumbers are sold in packed kilos. Do not buy it as a package but take it with grain. If you need two carrots,  just take two. Not more! You will see that the vegetables are sold with weight instead of packed.
  • Be realistic, if you haven’t a crowded family, you will not be able to consume 1 kilogram of apple in a short time. Buy with grain.
  • Plan out your cooking routine. Make detailed shopping list and take care not to go outside of this list.
  • Remember to pay attention to the expiration date. Do not buy the food you can not consume fast, even if it is on sale.
  • Grow Your Own! Gardening is a great pastime, and it can eliminate waste since you grow only what you need.
  • In addition, shopping food online besides fresh fruit and vegetables, helps you to progress disciplinedly.

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Storage Tips:

  • When you notice that you will not be able to consume too much vegetables and fruits, divide them into thee small pieces and place in the deep freezer.  Next time, first consume the foods in your freezer and then go shopping.
  • If your fridge doesn’t perform at peak performance, it can cause your food to pass badly before it’s really ready. Make sure it is ok.
  • Try to dry excess fruits and vegetables in sunlight. They’ll be great snacks for night!

Preparing Tips:

  • Just cook the amount you can consume. Do not put the food in the fridge to reheat. Cook one plate, eat one plate!
  • When you come to home from the shopping, take the time to wash, dry, chop, dice, slice, and place your fresh food items in clear storage containers for snacks and easy cooking.
  • Use measuring kitchen tools. Then you will find far less waste in home.
  • Take care not to throw anything. You can consume the seeds in the pumpkin by drying it. You can also use almonds by breaking the kernel inside the plum. In addition,  you can give a life by planting the seeds of vegetables.

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