Lingon Panna Cotta


1 cup raw macadamia pre-soaked,

1/2 cup young coconut meat,

1.5 cup hot coconut milk ( should be very hot to activate agar)

4 tbsp lingonberry powder,

1 tbsp lemon juice,

1 tbsp coconut oil,

2 tbsp coconut nectar,

1 tsp agar agar powder

Toppings: Blueberry, raspberry fermented in coconut sugar, puffed quinoa, fresh mint leaves


1.Place macadamia, coconut meat and milk into a high speed blender, mix on high until you get silky smooth mixture.

2.Add lingon, lemon, coconut oil, nectar and agar powder. Mix well.

3.Pour mixture into a metal mold.

4.Store in the freezer at least 2-3 hours before cutting.

5. Cut panna cotta using a sharp knife, transfer in a plate.

6. Top with berries, quinoa pops and mint leaves.


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