Raw Dammsugare with Lemon and Turmeric ( Raw Swedish Vacuum Cleaner, Punschrulle)

Swedish Dammsugare or Punschrulle is one of Sweden’s most loved pastries. It is a small, cylinder rolled in green marzipan (sometimes in pink or yellow) with both ends dipped in chocolate and it is filled with a soft, sweet arrack flavored punsch dough.

They first became a thing when bakers needed to find a way of using yesterdays cake crumbs, mixed with a bit of sugar and liqueur for flavour. Today they are amongst the most popular sweet treats in Sweden. 

I always hear how difficult it is to find arrack for those who don’t live in Sweden. In this recipe, we created a new healthy raw dammsugare with lemon flavoring without using arrack. Hope you enjoy as much as we do!

Citron Marzipan
100 g activated dehydrated almond flour
25 g sprouted buckwheat flour
60 g maple syrup or coconut nectar
1 tsp turmeric
2 tsp lemon essence or 4-5 drops of lemon essential oil

Punsch Dough
50 g activated dehydrated almond flour
50 g sprouted rolled oat flour
35 g desiccated coconut
30 g raw cacao powder
70 g maple syrup
20 g cold press coconut oil melted
1/4 tsp pink himalayan salt

Chocolate Dipping 
70 g raw cacao mass
1 tbsp maple syrup
1 tsp raw coconut oil melted
1 tsp vanilla extract
melt and use your favorite raw chocolate for dipping – 70 g

1. Blend the maple and turmeric in a high speed blender until you have a smooth yellow sauce.
2. Transfer the turmeric maple sauce to a bowl. Then add the activated dehydrated almond flour slowly while mixing. When the paste is too thick to knead, move it to your work surface lined parchment paper and work the dough with your hands while adding the sprouted buckwheat flour until you get a very firm dough with marzipan texture.
3. When the marzipan is done move it to a baking paper and fold another baking paper on top, roll the dough flat with a rolling pin and let it rest on the baking paper while you make the punsch dough. 
4. Blend all ingredients for the punsch dough in a food processor and blend until you have a dough with the same texture as raw bliss balls.  Make two long rolls of the punsch dough and place one on top of the green marzipan and fold it in.
5. Then cut and roll to smooth. Repeat the process for the rest. 
6. Keep in the freezer for 20-25 minutes before cutting in order to get smooth nice shape.
7. Using a ruler, cut 3 inch long punch rolls and set them aside while you melt the chocolate.
8. Melt the cacao solid in a dehydrator,  Add the rest of the ingredients when the chocolate is melted and whisk it slowly with a spoon. 9. Dip one side of the punsch roll at the time, set aside in the fridge for about 10-15 minutes to solidify.
10. Then dip another side of the punsch roll.
11. Refrigerate again at least 15-20 minutes before serving.