Swedish Punschrullar


Green marzipan dough:

6 tbsp maple syrup,

1 small handful of spinach,

1/2 tbsp spirulina,

1/2 tbsp matcha powder,

1 cup almond flour,

1/2 cup coconut flour.

Punsch dough:

3 tbsp almond meal,

3 tbsp cacao powder,

3 tbsp dessicated coconuts,

12 ripe dates,

12 raw cashews.

Chocolated sauce:

150 gr. bitter vegan chocolate,

1 tsp vanilla extract,

1 tsp coconut oil.


1. Place all green marzipan dough ingredients in a food processor and mix on high until completely combined.

2. Transfer dough in a large bowl, knead dough with your hands while adding coconut flour until get marzipan texture.

3. Then move it to a oily baking paper, roll the dough flat with using a rolling pin.

4. Blend all punsch dough ingredients into the blender and mix on high for 3-4 minutes. It should be same texture as raw vegan balls.

5. Make long roll of dough with your hands using oily paper.

6. Place punsch dough on top of the green marzipan dough and fold it in.

7. Cut 3 inch rolls and set aside.

8. Melt bitter chocolate while mixing coconut oil and vanilla extract in a dehydrator. Whisk it with a spoon.

9. Then, dip one side of roll. Place in the fridge for 10 minutes.

10. Make the same process another side of punsch rolls.  Serve cold!

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