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Sustainable Fashion Brands

Unfortunately the fashion industry at the moment is the world’s second largest pollution industry.
Non sustainable fabrics include so many chemicals that they can actually affect the durability of the garment, and quite simply, sustainable garments last longer meaning you won’t have to buy as many.

In addition, by purchasing sustainable clothing, you’re helping the planet; something we all need to start thinking about if not for our well being, but for that of future generations also. If everyone could reduce their carbon footprint via the clothes they wear, it would be a huge contribution to reducing the environmental damage currently being caused.

Small steps make a big difference I believe. To answer to creating a sustainable wardrobe is not to throw everything away and start from scratch, nor is it to stop buying clother altogether. It is the small changes that will add up to a big difference.
You do what you can and once start incorporating the small things into your day-to-day life, they’ll become habitual.

5 years ago, I’ve noticed that there are so many fast fashion clothes in my wardrobe I haven’t worn more than once.  I decided to make a change after going vegan.
In the long term I started to buy organic cotton, fair trade and sustainable products. In this article I’d like to tell you my favorite consicous fashion brands.


Their mission is to make sustainable shopping a mainstream affair by connecting online shoppers to exceptional ethical brands in an accessible, effortless, and unified shopping journey.

They believe their customers have the right to find what they are looking for without having to compromise on their own time and personal style in favour of purchasing an ethical product.

I’ve met with Marion – founder of Moonific via a giveaway on Instagram. This gave me the chance to discover their website. I saw so many beautiful vegan products from vegan leather bags and shoes to organic cotton & fair trade clothes. It become one of my favorite shops in England. ( PS: They ship worldwide, check shipping details on their page.)


In 2018, together with her mother Jeannette, Nathalie founded the green, sustainable label “mum & me”. With their everyday products with meaningful prints they want to inspire the people to a more conscious, responsible use of nature, animals, people and resources.

Their goal is to leave a greener footprint and to show people how to do it in everyday life with small steps and everyday products.

Last week we did a collab. Nathalie sent me a beautiful reusable shopping bag that has a meaningful message ” MAKE LOVE NOT WASTE”  I really appreciate the quality of this bag, decided to tell it on my blog. Check her website to discover sustainable products and shopping bags. They have grey, black and white colours ( Shipping worldwide)



Scandinavia’s leading concept store in organic, eco-friendly, fair and vegan fashion.

The fashion industry was dirty before the garment hangs on the gallows – they want to change. They who stand behind THRIVE – Conscious Fashion (Thrive AB) are dedicated to providing you the best in organic, eco-friendly, fair and vegan fashion. Completely without compromising style. A carefully selected assortment in small collections from some of the most innovative and conscious designers, manufacturers and brands right now. With Thrive, the garment is environmentally friendly, equally produced and vegan. An assortment without chemicals, pesticides, poisonous dyeing processes and free from inhuman working conditions under slave wages for those who made the clothes. It’s clothes that are really good for you and the one who made them, and not least for our planet and its environment. In short – Conscious Fashion. Or as we also usually say: Respectful fashion without compromises.

For over 10 years, the founders and entrepreneurs Sara Lundqvist and Fredrik Alexandersson have advocated a more sustainable supply. And in 2015, they decided to take the quote “Be the change you want to see in this world” seriously, thus starting THRIVE – Conscious Fashion (Thrive AB). All around, they have a team convinced that THRIVE is an important marker and an obvious alternative to the global winning fast-chain chains.

I’ve done a collaboration with them 2 years ago and this year. In this time, i had a chance to discover their amazing fair trade, organic cotton t-shirts.  Their t-shirts have meaningful messages such as ” Animals are friends, not food” , “There is no planet B“, “Fuck Fast Fashion”..
Make a favor to our little planet and buy organic cotton, sustainable products. Check their wonderful shop in Gothenburg, Sweden if you happen to pass or check online store. ( They ship worldwide) In the meantime I would like to remind you that Peta is approved. 🙂


Kuishi is an open window, a walk on the beach, a space to unwind. Founded by Stephanie Melarickas, they are settled in the sunny coastal town of Falmouth in Cornwall.

From their web site, they share their special selection of products with the world. These items are connected to the materials, colours and textures found in nature. Each one has found its way into our hearts and our homes for a reason – they make us feel more grounded, restored and closer to nature. Introduced with thought and consideration, it’s these small details that create a calming atmosphere throughout the home.

Kuishi is a natural expression of Stephanie’s thoughts and ideas. After moving to Cornwall, she wanted to create an uncomplicated, beautiful and balanced home that was in keeping with the landscape.

This led her to put a lot of time into finding fewer, carefully chosen products. Her spare hours are taken up with frequent trips to her favourite place, Porthtowan Beach, and participating in organised beach cleans at the weekends to protect our shores from plastic.

When I started to make cosmetic products at home, I came across a giveaway from Kuishi  and I joined then I won.
This giveaway gave us an oppurtunity to meet. I have plastic-free beautiful bottles from them. Hope to find some time soon and make a nice soap recipe and use them.
If you want to give your home new style with sustainable, plastic free products, visit their shop. ( They ship worldwide)

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