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Swedish Grönsaksbullar


For the balls:

100 gr. granule pea protein

1 medium onion chopped,

3 tbsp olive oil,

1 tsp garlic powder,

1/2 chili pepper,

1 large kale leave,

120 gr. chickpea flour,

2 tbsp nutritional yeast,

1 vegan stock,

2 tsp almond meal.

For the sauce:

1 tbsp coconut oil,

1 tbsp flour,

200 ml unsweetned soy milk,

100 ml warm water,

2 tbsp nutritional yeast,

3 tbsp soy sauce,

3 tsp vegan mustard.

For dressing:

Lingonberry jam.


1. Leave pea proteins in the water and wait for 4-5 minutes. Get rid of excess water with a strainer. Place it in a food processor.

2. Add all other ball ingredients in a food processor and mix on high until get completely smooth mixture. If it is too soft, then add a little chickpea flour.

3. Roll mixture firmly into small balls in your hands. Repeat the process for all mixture.

4. Place a oily baking sheet in a pan and transfer balls here. Preheat oven to 200 degrees, bake them for 15-20 minutes until get brown color.

5. To make sauce, in a large pan, mix coconut oil, mustard, soy milk and flour until well combined.

6. Then add soy sauce, nutritional yeast and warm water. Whisk with a blender on medium heat until a thick sauce consistency has been reached.

7. Cover the balls with sauce. Decorate with fresh mint leaves and rosemary if desired.

8. Serve warm with lingonberry jam.

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