About  Prinsesstårta :

The name of this dessert “prinsesstårta” which means pricess cake in Swedish.  The cake got it’s name prinsesstårta because the Swedish princesses loved the cake so much.

But what I really wanted to know was what did it have to do with princesses and why was it green?

The first recipe was created in the 1930s by Jenny Åkerström. She published a series of four cookbooks called “The Princess Cookbooks” and in one of the editions, there was a recipe for “Grön Tårta” (green cake).  A story is that this later became known as “princess cake” (prinsesstårta) because the three princesses are said to have loved it so much.

The fourth week in September is known as the week of the “Prinsesstårta!

Pronounciation of prinsesstårta: PRIN-sess-TOHR-tah

The traditional recipe of this cake consists of spongy layers of cake alternating with jam, vanilla custard and whipped cream topped with a thin layer of bright green marzipan.

I created raw vegan version of this cake and used spinach instead of food colouring. So it is hard to expect the dough to be smooth.

Some recipes vary in the number and order of the layers. I tried to make it by reducing the cake layer and keeping the traditional placement.


Layer 1: Crust (raw sponge cake):

2 cup almond flour,

1 cup coconut flour,

4 tbsp agave syrup,

2 tsp vanilla extract,

5 large medjool dates,

2 tsp cardamom,

2 tbsp macadamia oil

Layer 2: Chia Jam:

4 tbsp lingonberry jam,

1 tsp chia seeds.

Layer 3: Vanilla custard (cashew cream):

1 cup soaked cashew,

1 tsp vanilla extract,

4 tbsp agave syrup,

2 tbsp coconut milk or water,

3 tbsp coconut oil,

2 tbsp lemon juice.

– Over here you can add one more chia jam layer if desired. ( between layer 3 and 4)

Layer 4: Crust ( raw sponge cake) 

Layer 5: Vanilla custard ( cashew cream)

Layer 6: Coconut Cream:

200 ml. coconut cream,

1 tsp guar gum,

1 tsp vanilla extract,

1 tbsp agave syrup.

Layer 7: Green Marzipan:

6 tbsp agave syrup,

1 tsp veggegg + 30ml water

A handful of spinach,

A pinch of spirulina,

1 cup almond flour,

1/2 cup coconut flour

For Decorating:

1 tbsp confectionery sugar


1. Place all crust ingredients in a food processor, mix on high until completely smooth.

2. Get out dough from the blender and knead with your hands. Divide dough in two. We will use another half for the layer 4.

3. Turn it and place on a large presentation plate.

4. In a small bowl, mix lingonberry jam and chia seeds. Pour into the crust layer.  Put it into freezer while making vanilla custard layer.

5. Place all vanilla custard ingredients in a blender, mix until smooth well. Place in a freezer for 6-7 minutes or until thicken.

6.  When it is ready, remove presentation plate and vanilla custard from the freezer.

7. Divide vanilla custard in two. We will use another half for the layer 5. Pour half vanilla custard onto the jam layer. Put it freezer again while making coconut cream.

8. To make coconut cream, place all ingredients in a large bowl, whisk by the help of a mixer on high speed. Freeze for 10 minutes.

9. Remove the cake from freezer. Turn remaining half dough and place onto the cake.

(If the jam mixture remained, you can pour onto the cake layer again__ if desired.)

10. Spread remaining vanilla custard on to the cake.

11. Remove coconut cream from the freezer, pour over the vanilla custard layer. Put it into the freezer for 20 minutes.

12. To make green marzipan, place spinach into the food processor mix on high for 3-4 minutes.

13. Add all other marzipan ingredients mix until completely smooth.

14. Let take out dough from the blender, knead with your hands. If the mixture is too soft then add one or two spoon more coconut flour. If it is too hard and doesn’t stick, then add one more spoon agave syrup , plus you can add 1-2 tbsp macadamia oil in order to get sticky consistency if desired.

15. Take the marzipan and move it to a baking paper and fold another baking paper on top, roll the dough flat with a rolling pin and place it over the cake.

16. Cut the edges and make it look as smooth as possible.

17. Powder it with some confectionery sugar using a filter.

18. To make the rose, tint the reserved plain marzipan with a tiny bit of pink pitaya powder to make it pink.

19. Dust the work surface with powdered sugar and roll the marzipan into a log. With a rolling pin, roll it out into a long ribbon, about 1”  wide and 1/8” thick. Press one long edge of the ribbon with your fingertip to thin it out slightly. Begin rolling up the ribbon, leaving the thin edge loose to form the petals of the rose.  ( If green dough remains, you can give a leave shape if desired.)

20.  Finally it is done! Keep it in freezer at least 1-2 hours.

Storage tips:

Raw vegan princess cake should not be in room temperature since it has a layer of coconut cream which has a very low melting point. So, keep it in freezer. But it should not be eaten frozen either. My recommendation would be to store it in the fridge and let it sit in room temperature for about 10-12 minutes before serving.

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