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Vegetable Ash

What is Ash?
It is a kind of powder of burned vegetable skins, tops and ends…

Ash is predominantly used to give a bitter, smoky flavour to food and it also helps to protect the cheese against unwanted mould and bacteria for the first few days of ageing.  Plus, it alters the pH surface of the cheese.
We can say that is usually used for adding both unique flavour and a sustainable effort to gourmet dishes by chefs all around the world.

How to use?
To use it, mix with a little bit fine sea salt and sprinkle on top of the cheese.

How to make?


Various vegetables like onion, leek, pepper, carrot, celery ( Save your veggie tops, skins, ends, etc. throughout the week)


1.Lay the veggies flat and even on a large sheet tray and broil at
500 °F / 260 °C for 2 hours until scraps are totally scorched.
2.Blend the carbonized veggies until it looks like dirt, then pass through a fine sifter.

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