Hello and welcome to our test kitchen – home to all our recipes and cookbooks!

We started Gurme Vegan back in 2016! This is “Gourmet Vegan Test Kitchen” where used for the process of developing and constantly experimenting new wholesome plant-powered dishes from scratch with raw, sustainable and seasonal ingredients – whole grains, seeds nuts, fruit and vegetables.

There is a new and totally improved recipe archive where you can see preview images of all the recipes and scroll the categories. And a much improved book section. We also moved our professional services to our food design studio “Green & Awake

Hope you will enjoy the new site!



Gourmet recipes to inspire a new generation of cooks how to confidently make better decisions in the kitchen. Try our books, there is always something new to learn. Be confident with your dishes and take them to the next level!

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We focus to elevate plant based food to a high vibrational fine dining experience!

We take plant based as a starting point to create health-focused finest food experiences which are both visually strong and extremely delicious.Our food ethos combines whole food plant-based and raw cooking to develop a unique way of elevated plant-based food. Inspired by chef Nazlı Develi’s personal health journey which takes the plant-based diet without gluten, processed oil and refined sugar and lifts to a casual fine dining.
Check our GREEN & AWAKE – Plant Food Design Studio for professional services.