Gourmet Raw Cakebook

Gourmet Raw Cakebook

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Gourmet Raw Cookbook

Gourmet Raw Cookbook

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Gourmet Raw Cakebook includes treasure throve informations more than you could go to a course and learn in few days.

Wherever you are in the world, you can learn the basics of raw pastry and go at your own pace in the comfort of your home kitchen. This book provide you with a solid foundation elevate your raw plant-based pastry work. “Gourmet Raw Cakebook” includes treasure throve informations more than you could go to a course and learn in few days. Raw Pastry Educator Nazli Develi collected the treasures she provided in her classes in this book and offers you a complete guide to raw cakes.

Whether you’re new to raw cakes and want to learn everything from the scratch from a trusted source or whether you are professional and need some new delicious raw dessert inspiration, “Gourmet Raw Cakebook” will provide you innovative recipes and very best technical know-how so you can introduce a whole new range of raw desserts to your life.

You will learn not only cake, but how to temper raw chocolate from scratch, you will also find decorating tips, nut free options and raw praline recipes in this book.

This cakebook is for anyone who is looking to take their raw dessert recipes to the next level, whether for personal gratification alone or for high-level professional development.Gourmet raw cakekbook is a trusted source for next level raw cakes.

Green & Awake Gourmet RAW Cookbook brings a creative twist to raw foods in a fun and artistic way with flavor infusions that will rock your taste buds .If you think “raw food” means zucchini noodles or just sprouts, Raw will astound you with its elegance and inventiveness. It’s a combination raw cookbook featuring gourmet recipes using raw and dehydrated vegetables, nuts and fruits. In this book some recipes are very easy to make but some recipes are not quick to prepare, and many include references to other recipes.

GREEN & AWAKE Gourmet Raw Cookbook is for all people who want to add fantastic raw plates to their restaurant menu or just want to try new things in their kitchen. It is wonderful book from pizza, pasta, burger to raw crackers, spreads, dips, sauces, soups, salads, fermented and aged cheeses, signature raw cakes..

This is Nazlı’s second cookbook, a trasure trove work including nearly 140 gourmet raw recipes. Whether you are a raw or on the way of being raw or just simply want to eat healthy gourmet food, this cookbook is a must-have because with so many overcomplicated aspects of our lives, it’s refreshing to pare down and create simple gourmet raw meals that are still bursting with flavor.

New Nordic Meets Old Italian

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Gourmet Vegan Cookbook – 2nd Edition

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New Nordic Meets Old Italian – offers 45 gourmet vegan and gluten free pasta sauces with full color photos that are perfectly paired with dry pasta.

There are unexpected similarities between Italian cooking and the New Nordic style; both kitchens make a cult of freshness, the seasons and simplicity.
Nordics always consider seasonal local and sustainable food like Italians; purity, freshness, simplicity and ethics are aimed at bringing out the pure original flavours.  Scandinavian food is simple. When you work with the very best produce, there’s no need to over complicate it.We call it husmanskost – farmer’s fare. It’s natural and honest, made with the staple produce found on the land.

Besides creative touches to the traditional recipes and little vegan cheese recipes to elevate your dishes, you will also find some gastronomic encounters between Italy and Sweden. Author tried to convey more vividly by gourmet plates such as marinated beluga in glögg (Sweden’s festive beverage – a kind of mulled wine) served with spaghetti and celeriac sauce. It is just fantastic with distinctly different levels of spicy sweetness of glögg with cherris and an earthy dish of celery. 

This book also focuses on gourmet pasta sauces with unfamiliar edible plants that are prepared based on Italian cooking traditions, perfectly paired with dried pasta shapes. The aim of this book is to encourage chefs to create a delicious plant based pasta menu in using 100% plants in the kitchen. There is a great range of unfamiliar plants that grow in every climate, though many of them are still unexplored in their culinary potential.

We heartly believes that ” “New Nordic Meets Old Italian” will assist you to raise awareness about the tastes their environment offers will allow them to see it through different eyes.

Gourmet Vegan Cookbook – EXPANDED SECOND EDITION -2020
studded with full-color photos to creating vegan restaurant quality dishes– from meat substitutes to unconventional salads, sattvic main dishes, cookies, raw crackers, fermented cheeses, raw cakes and scandinavian desserts.

This is Nazlı’s long-awaited debut cookbook, a trasure trove work including over 100 gourmet vegan recipes. Whether you are a vegan or on the way of being vegan or just simply want to eat healthy gourmet food, this cookbook is a must-have for anyone who needs to eat well, feel well and reaching out to a better life.

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