GOURMET RAW CAKEBOOK- A Complete Guide to Raw Vegan Desserts

Raw cakes, packed with nutritious benefits, can be considered a healthier alternative to conventional cakes. Since the ingredients are not exposed to heat, their nutritional value and natural color remain intact. Unlike traditional cakes, raw cakes don’t require baking and give you a sense of eating something pure and truly delicious.

Food Designer, Chef & Author Nazlı Develi collected the treasures she provided in her classes and offers you a complete guide to raw desserts that are free from gluten, eggs, dairy and refined sugar.

Whether you’re new to raw cakes and want to learn everything from the scratch or a professional that needs some new delicious raw dessert inspiration, Gourmet Raw Cakebook will provide you innovative recipes and best technical know-hows, so you can introduce a whole new range of raw desserts to your life!

Inside this book; you will find all the information about the ingredients used to make raw cakes, from unrefined sugar alternatives to healthy fats, special ingredients such as superfoods, salts, essential oils, healthy binding agents to achieve the right consistency and much more.

In the expanded square-size new edition, you will also find nut-free raw cake recipes, oil-free jar cakes & parfaits, pralines, nordic delights, tempering chocolate from scratch, tips for a successful experience in the kitchen, how to make right decisions while shopping, and many of the fundamental factors that play a key role in the taste and texture of your desserts such as flavor balance and how to improve the plating and presentation of your creations like a pro!

This book provides you a solid foundation to take your creations to another level at the comfort of your home – anytime, anywhere!

Design : Studio Aurora
Photography: Nazlı Develi
Editor: Stella Nilsson
Pages: 275
Paperback Item Weight: 1.38 pounds
Book Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.65 x 8.5 inches
Language: English
First Publishing 2020, Expanded New Square-Size Edition, April 2022

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