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I’m Nazlı. I am a solopreneur and spend half of my days creating recipes, researching  plants and photographing food.
I also work half-time as a digital marketer and the rest of my time, I am writing a book, testing DIY’s and capturing moments – the beauty of each day. Mother Earth is my source of inspiration.

“Gurme Vegan” was born from the idea of creating an online food notebook at the end of 2016 and devoted to plant based gourmet cooking, finding beauty in everyday moments and enjoying food that is good for us, animals and the planet.

I live my life between Istanbul and Stockholm. I love to travel and immerse myself in different cultures, learning from them all.

Today I put the knowledge I’ve acquired to good use, creating delicious, beautiful and healthy foods. I express my artistic side through my creations and photos; I share my enthusiasms through Instagram, my website and books (hopefully soon!). I invite you to come along with me on my journey, and to share your impressions as well.

Going vegan was the best decision in my life. I believe that we are all equal no matter what we’re. We share this planet with all the living creatures, from the smallest animals to the largest tree. I strongly believe in co-existence and mutual respect and  really love all animals not only birds, cats or dogs I don’t see the difference between a cat and a chicken.

I am also interested in the psychological side of vegan nutrition and believes that veganism supports the spiritual development. Leaving to eat bodies and remains of a dead creature  gives us an unbelievable mental clarity in time.

We do not have the negativity that accumulates on the dead body of a creature that has no chance of being elected vicariously in fear. Becoming a vegan helped me to return to the roots and restore balance.

The goal is to create simple gourmet recipes that can be made by anyone.
When non-vegans enter this page, they see many attractive alternatives to animal food, they will feel excited about being vegan. This is my hope for innocent creatures.

Eating vegan should be fun, a moment of joy. I want my recipes to inspire people and spark their creativity. It is not boring or tasteless food as many people think. We do not eat sick food, here we create artistic plates using the colorful gifts presented by nature. I wish that my recipes inspire people and spark their creativity.

Here you will find plant-based food recipes and recipes for herbal personal care and cosmetic products that you can easily do in a chemical-free at home, vegan travel stories, and posts about conscious living.I hope this place will make you come closer to yourself, other people or the planet we live on.

I always support all things natural, organic, non-GMO things; recycling, zero food waste, plastic reduction, at the same time I believe in equality of all beings; not only cruelty-free products but fair trade as well. This means that any form of exploitation is a no-no, either animal or human!



All recipes are developed, directed, photographed and edited by me, unless otherwise stated. All content at www.gurmevegan.com is copyrighted.

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