I’m Nazlı, a health-focused vegan chef, food designer, author and the creator of gurmevegan.com – A recipe website dedicated to inspiring healthy and ethical eating. I believe health is not a fixed state, but a pleasurable, lifelong journey. Most of the recipes you’ll find on my website are whole food vegan, gluten-free and raw vegan, as that’s the way I prefer to eat.
I also published 7 cookbooks in English and Swedish, one of them
“New Nordic Meets Old Italian” won an award in Sweden last year and my “Gourmet Raw Cakebook” has been a best seller.
I had a long culinary journey, but long story short I grew up with my chef grandfather and spent my childhood in various kitchens. Almost 10 years ago I completely went vegan (also describing myself half vegan from the birth as I instinctively refused to eat eggs, cheese and meat since my childhood.) and then found my lifelong passion for all things green, worked at our family restaurant and different hotels across the world from Europe to Asia, also provided raw pastry and healthy vegan cooking courses in the Nordics.
I bring healthy innovative ideas to the table in a playful way and also provide consultancy in raw and vegan food design with my small team, if you are interested in working together, make an inquiry here.

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