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New Nordic Meets Old Italian

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New Nordic Meets Old Italian

We LOVE pasta so much! Since my childhood I always wanted to write a pasta book! This is seriously a dream come true!
I have strong connection with Italy and Sweden. I would say that I am happy to work on nordic italian fusion with my knowledge, experiences and passion and created this wonderful book ” New Nordic Meets Old Italian”. Every moment was really enjoyable. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

New Nordic Meets Old Italian offers 45 gourmet vegan and gluten free pasta sauces with full color photos that are perfectly paired with dry pasta.

There are unexpected similarities between Italian cooking and the New Nordic style; both kitchens make a cult of freshness, the seasons and simplicity.Nordics always consider seasonal local and sustainable food like italians; purity, freshness, simplicity and ethics, are aimed at bringing out the pure original flavours. Scandinavian food is simple. When you work with the very best produce, there’s no need to over complicate it. We call it husmanskost – farmer’s fare. It’s natural and honest, made with the staple produce found on the land.Besides creative touches to the traditional recipes and little vegan cheese recipes to elevate your dishes, you will also find some gastronomic encounters between Italy and Sweden.
I tried to convey more vividly by gourmet plates such as marinated beluga in glögg (Sweden’s festive beverage – a kind of mulled wine) served with spaghetti and celeriac sauce. It is just fantastic with distinctly different levels of spicy sweetness of glögg with cherris and an earthy dish of celery.

This book also focuses on gourmet pasta sauces with unfamiliar edible plants that are prepared based on Italian cooking traditions, perfectly paired with dried pasta shapes. The aim of this book is to encourage chefs to create a delicious plant based pasta menu in using 100% plants in the kitchen.
There is a great range of unfamiliar plants that grow in every climate, though many of them are still unexplored in their culinary potential.
I heartly believe that “New Nordic Meets Old Italian” will assist you to raise awareness about the tastes their environment offers will allow them to see it through different eyes.


If you haven’t ordered it yet – let’s do this! Links to where it’s sold are right here – take your pick from gurmevegan com or independent book stores, amazon store, kindle store, bookdepository , bolcom, adlibris, walmart… you name it! It’s everywhere! And if you call your favorite book store and can’t find it, tell them to get their act together and order it!



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