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Green & Awake Gourmet Raw Cookbook, published by Nazli Develi, 2019 Stockholm Vasastan

A sneak peek into my Green & Awake Gourmet Raw Cookbook
I started my writing career years ago when I was young. I ‘ve written about spiritual matters, vegan food and nutrition in numerous blogs and magazines.

I think there is nothing as valuable as writing experiences and sharing with others. In this world, we’re all passing, so maybe the only lasting thing is what we leave behind. That’s why I always wanted to write. 

I devoted my second book, “Green & Awake Gourmet Raw Cookbook“, to people who are on the path of healing consciously. I know it is not easy to leave behind habits and comfort zones. But once when you open this door, I can say that this will be a beginning of a new life.

We are taught to eat 3 times per day- mostly cooked, canned, deep fried. When we become ill, people tell us to go to doctor and get some drugs to cover the reason of illness and find temporary solutions.

Even if we are so well-educated, when it comes to nutrition we are still uneducated. Heated things are lacking the life energy called prana. Vibrations in cooked food are very low, and also acidic. For a healthy life it is essential to raise alkaline level of the body.

I am also very moved by Dr. Morse’s The Detox Miracle Sourcebook. It is more than a detox book; it is about raw food and herbs for compete cellular regeneration. Special thanks to Dr. Morse for his inspiration.

In my second book, you will find nearly 140 gourmet raw recipes that I’ve created during my raw journey by focusing on quality. If you think raw food means zucchini noodles or just sprouts, raw will astound you with its elegance and inventiveness. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

A sneak peek into my Green & Awake Gourmet Raw Cookbook:

Raw Pea Hemp Balls with Chili and Tartar Sauce
Cosmic Nut Cheese Plate
Zoodle with Avocado Sauce, Green Olive, Spinach, Tomatoes and Hemp Hearts
Matcha Beet Raw Cheesecake
Sustainable Nut Cheese Plate with Celery Crackers from the Pulps

4 layer raw cake with forest fruits
Unicorn Buckwheat Raw Pizza
From Chaos to Cosmos Raw Sandwich

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Green & Awake Gourmet Raw Cookbook, published by Nazli Develi in 2019, Sweden
Green & Awake Cookbooks are available at Goodstore a.k.a Deliover’s cafe library in Stockholm

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