GREEN & AWAKE Series: Gourmet Vegan Cookbook

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Gourmet Vegan Recipes

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Green & Awake series Gourmet Vegan Cookbook

Gourmet Vegan Recipes

I’m so excited to share about my first cookbook Green & Awake Gourmet Vegan Recipes! It is a beautiful eye-candy cookbook and guide that celebrates over 100 delicious, easy, whole-food healthy recipes!

It is gourmet vegan cookbook studded with full-color photos to creating vegan restaurant quality dishes– from meat substitutes to unconventional salads, sattvic main dishes, cookies, raw crackers, fermented cheeses, signature raw cakes, and Scandinavian desserts. For professional chefs and anyone who needs to eat well, feel well and reaching out to a better life.

It’s a beautiful 215 page book that focuses on quality ingredients that are actually good for you ,  whether you are a vegan or on the way of being vegan or just simply want to eat healthy gourmet food, this cookbook is a must-have for anyone who needs to eat well, feel well and reaching out to a better life.

I feel so humbled and honored to be sharing my story and recipes through this blog and now this book and I thank you all for your support and encouragement along the way!


  • My short story and a spiritual view to veganism
  • Veganized Scandinavian desserts
  • How to make non-frozen best raw cakes
  • How to use juice pulps in crackers
  • Unconventional salads to celebrate vegan food every day
  • Fermented vegan cheeses, spreads, soups, sattvic main dishes, vegan meat alternatives
  • Over 100 delicious, creative and fun recipes for all meal times and occasions!
    The recipes shared in this book are 100% plant-based and most of them are gluten-free. They are vegan so they are easily adaptable to other diets. Most recipes use low-glycemic ingredients.  All recipes are refined-sugar-free or sugar-free!  


This book will teach you that gourmet food is easier to make than you think when you stop eating animals!

This book is beautifully designed and all photos are taken by me.  I believe it will inspire you to create restaurant-quality dishes!

It’s been a dream come true to create this book and words cannot describe how grateful and honored I am to be the author of this gorgeous book.  THANK YOU to my all readers for encouraging me to write this book from the bottom of heart!

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