GREEN & AWAKE Series: Gourmet Vegan Cookbook

“Gourmet Vegan”, the first cookbook of the “Green & Awake Series” -first published in 2018, is now available in its latest, expanded and revised version – studded with full-color photos for creating vegan restaurant quality dishes- from meat substitutes to unconventional nourishing salad bowls, delicious main dishes, cookies, raw desserts, cheeses , traditional Scandinavian desserts, smoothies and more.

This is Nazli’s long-awaited debut cookbook, a treasure trove work including over 100 everyday gourmet vegan recipes.

Whether you are a vegan, beginner, curious or just simply want to eat more plant-based food, this cookbook is a must-have for anyone who needs to eat well, feel well and reaching out to a better life.

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