GREEN AND AWAKE: FOOD WE LOVE: Feel-Good Wholesome Plant-Based Recipes From Scratch

“Food We Love” is a new elevated gluten-free, plant-based, multi-functional cookbook to celebrate the healthy way of eating with the food that we love – written by plant-based chef & food designer Nazlı Develi on the belief that using plants in their natural state.

This book shows you that gourmet food can be simple yet delicious – in its purest form, as little processed as possible so you can get the most out of it and its true taste is never masked.
The book concept is based health values and the recipes are made from scratch with everyday ingredients, oil-free, allergy-friendly – free from gluten, yeast, dairy and refined sugar.

You will find almost 100 delicious wholesome recipes inside. The book is divided into four chapters dips, sauces & toppings, sides & light meals, mains and sweets – readers can expect a feel-good clean eating experience with the recipes like crispbreads, healthy condiments, salads with signature dressings and sauces, yeast-free breads, canapés, crepes, pave, panzanella, pizza crackers, tacos, dumplings, risotto, pasta, lasagna, gnocchi, pierogi, soups, galettes, patties, cakes, truffles, puddings, cookies and much more.

“Food We Love” has something for everyone! We want you to play with the trick that makes vegetables cook cleaner, feel healthier, and taste far more flavorful! 
Not only recipes, this cookbook will help you free yourself from the bonds of recipes with our tips. So you can develop your own clean recipes at any time and with any ingredients you have on hand.

Design : Studio Aurora
Photography: Nazlı Develi
Editor: Stella Nilsson
Pages: 199
Paperback Item Weight: 1.03 pounds
Book Dimensions:  8.5 x 0.47 x 8.5 inches
Language: English  
Published in February 2022, Copyright All Rights Reserved

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