RAW FIKA : The Most Loved Swedish Pastry Recipes with A Touch of Big Wide World


Celebrating the little moments of life with sweet breaks, “Raw Fika” – a modern healthy dessert book a delicious compendium of nearly 50 recipes, designed by Chef Nazli Develi, is served throughout the year in Sweden.

This collection of seasonal raw recipes includes classics such as
Kanelbulle (Cinnamon Bun)
Semla (Fat Tuesday Bun)
Princesstårta (Princess Cake)
Kladdkaka (Sticky Brownie Cake)
Lussekatter (Lucia Buns)
Blåbärstårta (Blueberry Cake)
Jordgubbstårta (Strawberry Midsummer Cake)
Gräddbulle (Cream Buns)
Pepparkaksbollar (Gingerbread Balls)
Hallongrottor (Raspberry Caves)
Dammsugare (Swedish Vacuum Cleaner)
Rulltårta (Roll cake)
Singoalla (Chocolate Shortbread Biscuits with Jam)
Schakrutor (Chessboard Cookies)
Chokladsnittar (Diagonal Cut Chocolate cookies)
Some of sju sorters småkakor (Seven Types of Seven Cookies)
Smulpaj (Apple Crumble Pie)
Morotskaka (Swedish Carrot Cake)
and more…

But also modern, more casual sweets such as Kitkats, Coconut Bacon Brownies, Mango Chocolate Tart, Black Forest Cake, Heliodor Truffles with Solar Plexus Crumb, Matcha Yuzu Cake, Emerald Pandan Cake, Golden Milk Cake, Raspberry Valentines Day Cake, Cherry Buckwheat Crunchy Slices, Oat Tiramisu, Classic Tiramsu Cake, Tosca Coins and more.

The book starts with a “Swedish Pastry Calender” to help you catching up everything through the year, continues with detailed knowledge about raw fika ingredients and make-ahead pastry staples. And you find almost 50 brand-new fika recipes with photos.

For traditional desserts, there are also different take-ons and flavour ideas. For example 3 ways of Swedish Vacuum Cleaner: traditional green, bounty, citron and 3 ways of Semla: chokladbollsemla with avocado frosting, almond raspberry jam version, chocolate version. You will also find re-interpreted and refined desserts with a touch of the big wide world.
With the emphasis always on simplicity, but also quality, seasonal ingredients, these fika recipes are pure joy to share and enjoy with those you love.

Design : Studio Aurora
Photography: Nazlı Develi
Editor: Stella Nilsson
Pages: 135
Paperback Item Weight: 12.3 ounces
Book Dimensions:  8.5 x 0.32 x 8.5 inches
Language: English  
Published in February 2023, Copyright All Rights Reserved

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