Artichoke Spinach Salad


4 head artichoke,
1 lime juice,
A medium bowl baby spinach,
1/2 cup green lentil,
1/4 pieces of pomelo,
1 medium carrot,
Fresh rosemary leaves,
2 tbsp pomegranate syrup


1 tsp djon mustard,
2 tbsp olive oil,
2 tsp sherry vinegar,
1 tsp garlic powder,
1 lime juice,
A pinch of salt and blackpepper


1. Fill a pot with water. Cut carrots in to small pieces, divide artichokes quarters, throw each one in the water. Add 1 lime juice and bring to boil until softened.

2. Wash and drain baby spinach leaves, put to the plate.

3. In a deep pot with warm water, bring to boil green lentils for 20 min.

4. They are done, strain and transfer in a small bowl. Add 2 tbsp pomegranate syrup, toss with lentils. Set aside.

5. In a small bowl, mix dressing ingredients well.

6. When artichokes are cooked, add 3-4 tbsp dressing sauce into the pot, stir with artichokes and carrots for 1-2 minutes on medium heat.

7. Remove pot from the oven. Place artichokes onto the spinach leaves.

8. Spread green lentils over the spinach leaves.

9. Place cleaned and cutted pomelo pieces onto the salad.

10. Pour remaining sauce over the artichokes.

11. Decorate with fresh rosemary leaves.