Copenhagen Vegan Food Guide

In October I made a new trip to Copenhagen again. This one was a long-term business trip. I tried new things as much as possible when I find the time. In this article I share with you my good and bad experiences.

In my opinion, the best time for copenhagen is autumn; that the colorful leaves fly on the air and the weather is cool but soft enough to make traveling impossible. The weather is felt between 3-5 degrees, but it is not an intolerable cold.
In October, due to Halloween it turns into a fairy-tale place during the month. Tivoli welcomes you when you first land to the central train station.

This is also where the center of the city begins. Almost everywhere walking distance.

This is also where the center of the city begins. Almost everywhere walking distance. Nørrebro, a multicultural neighborhood, welcomes you when you cross the bridge. While some might be interesting, it gives Middle Eastern feeling to me, one of the areas I didn’t find very clean. Indreby is in the heart of the city and within walking distance of everything, an good area to stay. Prices are higher than other regions. Frederiksberg is a region where prices are a little more reasonable and there are more varieties, resembling kadikoy bostancı in Istanbul. It was one of my favorite areas.
I stayed in one part of my trip in Indreby and the other part in Nørrebro. In my previous travels, I always stayed in Malmö and made daily trips to Copenhagen. It is not a sensible alternative for long-term stays.

In Copenhagen you can see 7 eleven shops almost at the beginning of the step. There are many vegan options such as sandwiches, salads, coffee, croissants, raw balls, chia puddings, which you can quickly grab and go. Some may even have a 50% discount on those whose expiration date expires; keep your eyes open.

The pink wrap with beet and seitan was one of the first meal I had when I landed at the airport. It was very tasteless. But the most beautiful food in the world, when you ar hungry. It’s all about the needs of that person. I ate this wrap again in the following days when I didn’t have the opportunity to sit and eat during the walking a long way.
Of course, I have to admit that I’ve tried too many new things and ruined my stomach.

When you continue and finish the Tivoli gardens on the left, Rådhuspladsen (town hall) welcomes you. I took a break here and had a look at Starbucks. There are many vegan varieties ranging from sandwiches to desserts and plant-based milks. The raw bar I tried was too sugary and I felt my blood pressure. After a long diet of raw vegan food, I decided to stretch it a little while traveling and tasted cooked food as well. I should also say that what I tried in CPH made me unpleasant in general. As in Finland, there are too many oily and sugary products.

When you cross the road, you come to Nørreport St where the vegan restaurants start. Right on the left is the Torvehallerne city market. Here you can find gourmet food, African fruits, cold pressed juice shops, desserts and shopping stores. It was one of my favorite places. Especially the Fresh Market Copenhagen here made me feel like I was refreshed.
Some fruit juices do not have names on the bottle. Prices of the same color may be different. It is good to say which one you bought at the checkout, otherwise they can get different prices.

Organic Boho is located in the same area. Mantra menu has many healthy vegan options.

There is also a shop with various tropical fruits from Africa. You can buy fruits by tasting. I’ve tasted bananas of various colors here, There were many different bananas that tastes like cheese. If you come across, I highly recommend to give these fruits a try.

I have learned that the Banana in Torvehallerne is closed. Alternatively, there was an ice cream shop called Isa Bella, which had a lot of vegan options. Especially the strawberry was very good.

When I left Torvehallerne and went a little further, I went to Souls, where I had been thinking about going by for a long time. There are many branches of this restaurant in Copenhagen, I chose this place because it came to my ease, which is only a few steps away from Torvehallerne.

I’ve tasted my first beyond meat burger at Souls. He bothered me because his texture looks like meat. Sweet potatoes were sucked in oil and were very heavy to eat. I couldn’t eat more than half of my stomach feeling uncomfortable and had a take away. When I went to the hotel in the evening, unfortunately I had to throw in the trash.
Some things are really nice from afar.

Next to the Souls is the Naturbageriet bakery on the bridge connecting Nørrebro. This bakery also has a branch with a similar name. They veganized a lots of traditonal desserts. They are not healthy due to the excess sugar and fat content, but it was exciting to see a complete vegan bakery.

The next day, I stopped at Torvehallerne and had a juice, after refreshing, went to Simple Raw in Indreby.
I ordered little tempeh platter and golden latte in the concern of breaking my stomach. The peanut sauce was delicious. It was one of my favorite places.

Simple Raw CPH , Delicious Tempeh Plate with Peanut Sauce

Magasin Du Nord is a multi-storey shopping center in the Indre By district. There are many restaurants and grocery stores inside. Vegan options are also quite numerous.

When you continue straight from Nyhavn and finish the road and cross the bridge, a square with street delicacies welcomes you. There is also a branch of GRØD, the most popular oatmeal porridge brand in Copenhagen, where all products are not vegan but there are vegan options.

Another is in the center of the city and in Nørrebro. Quite crowded place. It can be an alternative for those who love trendy places.

Located in Nørrebro, close to my home, Pow Vegan Pizzeria hooked me with the thinness of the crust and the combination of sauce and vegetables. They make delicious pizzas, you can buy them as slices, and the prices are very reasonable. I went twice, when I went third it was closed because it was early hours 🙂 They open at noon. There is another vegan pizzeria called Made In Italy near Nyhavn, but the crust was quite thick so I left without eating. For those who like fluffy dough, Made In Italy DK may be the reason of choice. At certain times they organize vegan cheese workshops. They also sell my favorite Italian Gondino cheeses in their shops.

Irma, Superbrugsen and Kvickly (coop) are one of the most beautiful markets in Copenhagen. Netto, Rema1000, Lidl and Fotex are the markets with more reasonable prices but low quality products. Of course not all products, but good things can come out in between.

Helsam, one of the health stores, has many vegan products.

Joe & the Juice is a chain of juice bars and cafes around the world. Very common in Denmark. As of 2019, it has more than 300 locations in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

I waited at this cafe for my airbnb host. In the morning I got an acai bowl and latte. The cafe serving the worst acai bowl I’ve ever eaten. The amount of 95DKK certainly does not deserve. The mixture was in water and tasteless.

The shopping center in the Frederiksberg area also has many vegan options. Hotel Chocolat is a very vegan friendly brand but the flavor was very ordinary.

Nicecream Copenhagen is one of the trendy places at the entrance to Nørrebro. They sell vegan ice cream.

Plant Power Food CPH is a place opened by Neel who is alumni from MKC. It was one of the places I was most excited about before I visited.

The presentations are very nice but it is not possible to eat everything in the plate. It should be seen as a gastronomic experience;

I ordered a power bowl; with mashed potatoes in 3 colors, greens, avocado, buckwheat, activated and dehydrated, red onion pickles and dehydrated crackers. Also, ordered cold press veggie juice and rice paper rolls.