Dehydrated Raw Tomato Sauce


500 g fresh ripe tomatoes, preferably heirloom (firm and ripened ones.)
1/4 tsp salt + more if needed


Chop tomatoes finely, place in a 20×20 cm square bowl. Add the salt, toss together.
Dehydrate at 46 C overnight or for about 6-8 hours. Stir it every two hours or so on.
Once dehydration process is up, check the consistency. You should get a thick paste-like tomato sauce. If not, using a strainer, remove the excess water and dehydrate another 1-2 hours or until you achieve the desired consistency.
Serve with your favorite bread or spread on the pizza dough. Drizzle some high quality balsamic(sugar-free), sprinkle some dulse flakes or whole dulse leaf, or your favorite seaweed and sesame seeds on top. Enjoy.

Some tomatoes have more flavour than others! If available, choose firm tomatoes that have ripened. Juicy tomatoes take longer in the dehydrator.

This tomato sauce can also be used as the basis for tomato soup or a delicious raw gazpacho.