Always eat the fruits on an empty stomach

Always eat the fruits and consume the juice on an empty stomach. Why? 

Because fruits break down the fastest of all foods in about 20 – 30 minutes. This means that the digestive process works very quickly.

When fruits/juice are consumed alone your stomach can process all the nutrients all the better. 
But If you eat fruits immediately after a large meal or drink juice with your meal, they’ll remain in the stomach for far too long sitting on top of foods that take longer to digest. Especially after starch and protein, fruits left undigested will ferment and turn to acid. Heartburn, bloating, indigestion, and other digestive problems that you may blame on your meal could all be because of the fermentation of the fruit in the stomach. 

The problem with this is that unfortunately we are so used to having fruits after lunch or dinner as a sweet treat. If we start eating fruits at least one hour before a meal, our digestion would be at its optimal health. This is something you’ll want to share with your kids – instead of teaching them the same habit we’re so used to, get them accustomed to eating fruits before any meal and not right after.

Your body will thank you and reward you with tons of energy once you learn to eat fruits and drink juice right.