Brussels Sprouts Quinoa Salad


300 g. brussels sprouts,

1/2 cup cooked quinoa,

3-4 tbsp pomegranate seeds,

A handful of raw cashews,

1 tbsp chopped fresh thyme,

15 gr. clearspring white miso with seaweed,

6-7 large swiss chard,

1 tbsp olive oil,

1 teaspoon garlic powder,

100 ml. water,

Small radish, shaved


1.Wash brussels sprouts and divide into two.

2.Add olive oil into a large pan, heat on medium. Add brussel sprouts, water, miso and garlic powder, bake until fried well.

3. Wash and drain your swiss chard leaves, cut into thin pieces, transfer into the pan, mix with brussels sprouts on high heat for 30 seconds.

4.Then add cooked quinoa and give them a good toss.

5.In a small saucepan, cook cashews on high heat for 1 minutes or until fried.

6. Place your food into a plate, top cashews, radish and pomegranate seeds.

7.Decorate with fresh thyme. Enjoy!