Buckwheat Pasta Carbonara with Truffle

It is from my tasting menu event for Happy Roots, sponsored by Saklı Orman. I share recipe here on demand. Enjoy every bite 🙂


200 gr. happy roots buckwheat pasta or GF or regular,

70 gr. raw cashews pre-soaked,

4 tbsp GF nutritional yeast,

2-3 cloves garlic,

2 tbsp olive oil or coconut oil,

1 tsp pink himalayan salt,

1/2 tbsp lemon juice,

2 tbsp vegan parmesan alternative,

1 cup water ( plus more ( +1/2 cup ) as needed),

20 gr. truffle mushroom shredded



  1. Add soaked and drained strained raw cashews in 1 cup water. Process in the blender until silky smooth consistency. If the mixture is too thick, then add more water.
  2. Add all remaining ingredients except pasta and truffle in the food processor. Mix on high speed until smooth.
  3. Then transfer mixture to a pan, heat at low until bubbling.
  4. Transfer your cooked pasta into the sauce. Mix well.
  5. Add extra parmesan and decorate with shredded truffled mushroom.
  6. Sprinkle black pepper and serve immediately.
Happy Roots Tasting Menu by GURME VEGAN 30.06.2019

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