Face Mask for Wrinkles

Do you know that coconut oil and baking soda are both amazing anti-aging ingredients?

Baking soda supports with cleansing skin, gentle exfoliation, shrinking large pores and firming the face. Coconut oil is intensely moisturizing, nourishes skin cells, has antibacterial properties and reduces fine lines on the face.

When you combined coconut oil and baking soda,  instantly nourish skin cells, remove dead cells, moisturize skin and keep it smooth and silky! You’ll be surprised to see your fine lines looking non-existent too! But it is required regular and consistent use. ( 4 times a week)


6 tbsp baking soda,

1/2 cup organic cold pressed coconut oil ( not too melted not too solid)

4 drops of lavender oil



1. Place three ingredients into the food processor, blend on high speed.

2.Transfer mixture in a container or jar.

3. Apply 1 teaspoon using your hands, massage it gently all over your face.

4. Rinse off after 10 minutes. Use green tea as a toner if desired.

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