How to To Dry Peppers At Home

Peppers can be dehydrated at home. Like air drying, there is no equipment required. There is also no cost incurred with preserving your peppers when drying them indoors.


1. Thoroughly clean peppers, making sure they are free from dirt.
2. Thread a cotton thread into a thick needle and knot the end.
3. Sort the peppers by size and string them on the rope.
4. If the place to hang is not too wide, it is ideal to string 10-12 pieces on a rope.
5.Leave them in a well-ventilated, dry space.This can take weeks, maybe longer, than air drying them outside due to lack of sunlight. You will be noticed that if you are drying the green peppers like jalapenos, they will turn red when dried.
6. Once completely dried, transfer to a coffee grinder, grind and store the ground spice in an airtight container ready to be sprinkled on an array of dishes.