Rejuvelac for Vegan Cheese Making

Rejuvelac is a kind of vegan fermented liquid which is made of sprouted grains like wheat, quinoa, buckwheat, beans, lentils and it helps to get tangy and sharp taste in cheese.  Each kind of grain produces rejulvelac with a slightly different flavour. For example you can fins quinoa a bit lemony.

When we soak grains until sprouted, we get a cloudy liquid that contanis lactobacillus bacteria which produces lactic acid. It usually takes 5-7 days. Rejuvelac will stay fresh for a week but it is always good to check before using.


1/2 cup unsprouted raw whole grains,

2 cup water


1.Wash and drain your grains, place into a glass jar. Cover with filtered water.

2. Let your jar sit at room temperature away from direct sunlight for 6 to 8 hours.

3.Then drain the water. Rinse the grains a couple times. Drain water again and cover the top of jar with a cheesecloth or very thinly kitchen towel.

4.Let the grains sit at room temperature until sprouted, it takes about 1 to 2 days. Keep the grains from drying out by rinsing and draining them 2 to 4 times a day.

5.When your grains have started to sprout, rinse them one more time and drain well.

6.Fill your jar with filtered fresh water again. Let it ferment for 2 to 3 days.

7. When mixture started to ferment, you will see bubbles in the water. And then the water will seem cloudy. This is totally normal. when the mixture reach up to this, it is ready.

8.Strain the liquid into a new jar and keep in the refrigerator. It is ready to use for cultured cheese.

9. If you need more liquid, add more water in the jar to create second batch. It takes 1-2 days. Repeat the process for this. Keep your liquid and use sprouted grains in your salad.

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