Save The Fish – Vegan Quinoa Tuna

Chickpea is one of the most commonly used legumes because it is a good source of protein and satisfies its taste.
I assume you’ve tried the famous chickpea tuna by now.
But if you haven’t tried it and you don’t have any issue with chickpeas, I invite you to try chickpea tuna recipe.

Unfortunately, chickpeas and other legumes are not easily digestible by everyone. You know the problem with canneloni beans. In fact, it is the issue for all legumes.

I have been reducing my legume consumption due to digestion problem for a long time and recently I have developed this alternative after cutting it almost completely.

This quinoa tuna recipe is proof that it is all about the flavour. You can get the similar taste without chickpeas when you use quinoa.
It’s the same with meat; animal meat is totally void without sauces, you can’t eat it. But when you season it, you get the taste of the delicious herbs and vegetables. Then you will find that it is easier not to get involved in animal exploitation.

Follow this recipe to make quinoa tuna, just use cooked quinoa instead chickpeas. Serve this delicious dip with Swedish crispbread or your favorite bread. Enjoy!