Sweet Tempest Tabouli Salad

Tabouli salad is a very simple salad of very finely chopped greens, lots of fresh herbs and bulgur wheat, all tossed with lime juice and olive oil.

I adapted this salad to my own taste buds. It is oil-free, made with pomegranate syrup, walnuts and strawberries. It was pleasant to prepare, also to eat.

Serves 4


200 gr. fine bulgur wheat,

1 cup cherry tomatoes,

2 medium yellow and green peppers,

1 bunch parsley and dill, finely chopped, removed stems and well dried.

10-12 fresh mint leaves,

2 lime juice,

7 green onions finely chopped,

A handful of walnuts,

5-6 medium strawberry sliced,

1 tsp sea salt,

4-5 tbsp pomegarante syrup.


1. Wash bulgur and cover with water, bring to boil on high heat for 2-3 minutes. Strain and set aside.

2.  Chop peppers, dill, onion and parsley very finely. Place in a bowl.

3. Transfer bulgur on to the greens, mix together.

4. Add cherry tomatoes, lime juice, salt, walnuts, strawberries and pomegranate syrup. Toss with bulgur and greens well.

5.  Serve cold to get best result!