Why Bottled Oil is Not Healthy?

First, all the bottled oils are the fatty part of what was a whole food. When we extract the oil, we leave behind the vast majority of these nutrients, and what remains is a very concentrated source of fat and calories without health benefits.

And all the bottled oils such as coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, hemp oil and other seed oils are highly refined. Once oil is extracted from the sources it is considered toxic and it is very high in calories. 

The next, all kinds of oils are found to contribute to arterial damage and also the progression of heart disease. 

The third, oil consumption also leads to inflammation in your blood.

We do need fat from different sources in our diet but fat from bottled oil is not one of those sources. We do already get these necessary oils from food we consume daily. 
One can eat the seeds, nuts etc in small quantity and get the little doses of the fats we need, in low-calorie amounts, and healthy disease preventing packages, that our body recognizes and can use to make us healthy.

Instead of oil, eat the whole plant!

We strongly believe that it is always the best to have healthy fats in fruit form from whole nuts, fruits, greens and seeds. All plant-based foods contain healthy essential fats – just like they have protein and carbohydrates. 

We usually don’t use oil in our dishes and in some cases very little oil. 

Yes, it is still delicious when you stop using oils in your dishes!

We use water and vegetable broth for sautéing and frying. In baked goods, nut butters and fruit purées are very good whole food plant based ingredients we love. 

Photograph: Roberta Sorge