Edible Summer Beauty: Fuchsia

Beyond beautiful! Do you know all parts of the fuchsia are completely edible, from the berries to the flowers? Fuchsia is a symbol of elegance, good taste, confiding love and amiability. They also encourage people to strengthen their psychic ability and intuition and to attain a higher level of knowledge or awareness in their spiritual realm.

You’ve heard it about nasturtiums, marigold, forget me not flowers and much more. But fuchsias? Fuchsias are perfectly safe to eat. Plus, they’re really so tasty! They also add a high amount of vitamin C and many to your dish.

How does it taste?

They have a neutral scent and a flavour that is mildly sweet with subtle hints of lemon. To enhance the petal flavour, remove the stamen pistils before using.

How to use?

You can use the petals as a garnish to decorate desserts, cakes and sorbets. They can also be added on cold soups, quiche and ceviche. Add the whole flower to lemonades and cocktails or freeze the edible flowers into ice cubes. The vibrant colours and delicate shape of fuchsias make them the addition to any sweet dessert.

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