How to Destory Beany Taste While Making Soy Milk?

People usually complain that making  soy milk at home tastes bitter and the question is that how can I get it to taste more like packaged one?

1. Soak beans in boiled water overnight ( at least 8-10 hours)

2. In the morning pour off the soaking water and rinse beans well.

3. Start to remove the skins. For this, place beans in a large bowl filled with lukewarm water. In the water, lightly squeeze the soybeans between your fingers strongly for a few minutes, skins will be removed easily. You should get as many of the skins off as fast as possible.

4.When they are hulled, pick skins and go to waste. Wash and rinse hulled beans well. Transfer into your blender.

5.Soaking unhulled beans in boiling water will reduce the beany flavor, which is caused by lipoxygenase.  So, it can be killed by the help of heat.

6.After blending and straining process, transfer your milk into a pot, add  your favorite sweetener and cook on low heat at least 30 minutes or untill reach to desired taste.


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