How to Grow Pea Sprouts?

Pea sprouts are related to the sugar pea, making it a good substitute for peas in recipes. Its sweet taste does well in combinations with bitter and tangy dishes.

They grow fast, taste delicious and are rich in Vitamin C, A and protein. Growing pea shoots is easy.

The fruits of your work in just in two weeks is rewarding and motivating. They only need two hours sun a day. So prefect to grow them in nordic climates in winter.

How to make your own pea sprouts at home?

1. Soak the peas in water for 24 hours.

2. Chose one 2 inches 7-8cm deep pot.

3. Fill your container with compost, about 1/2 to 3/4 inch below the top.

4. Sow the seeds on top of the compost

5. Cover the seeds with a layer of compost .

6. Water the surface lightly.

7. All you need to do now is keep the compost moist. Check it everyday. If you are in summer, you will see sprouts within 2-3 days, in winter it may take longer.

8. They will have grown 3 – 4 inches tall. Then crop and enjoy your harvest!