Is It Safe To Sprout Sorghum ( Super Millet) Grains?

As many of you know, I am a raw foodist so if I will try a new ingredient, I definitely prefer to make by following the rules of raw food. I recently discovered sorghum (known as jowar in India, usually super millet, milo or sorghum in Europe) grain. While thinking about sprouting, I wanted to do a research beforehand and in the articles I read, I saw that it would definitely not sprout and it would be harmful. I share what I found below.

From Shauna Roberts, Sprouting for Nutrition. 
“One grain to never sprout is sorghum also known as “super millet” because of its cyanide (hydrocyanic acid) content. Dry sorghum has very low levels of cyanide but as sorghum soaks its cyanide content increases immensely which could make it hazardous and perhaps even prove to be fatal. The average amount (61.3 mg) of hydrocyanic acid obtained from sprouts grown from 100g of seed exceeds the average fatal dose for an adult human.”