Malmö Vegan Food Guide

Malmö is one of my favorite cities in Sweden. Vegan options are also quite attractive and much more compared to other Swedish cities. Especially the raw vegan options spread out rapidly.
If you don’t see the news happening in Malmö on Swedish television and you don’t have a prejudice in mind, you might think this is paradise.

The town is small, when you get off the train station you can easily go everywhere by foot. At the train station, Raw Food House welcomes you that opened a new branch here last year. There are many appetizing healthy options from raw wraps to raw cakes and cold press juices.
I don’t really remember how many times I’ve been to this city, but every time I go, it makes me feel so good.

I spent a whole day in Malmö before returning to Stockholm after Copenhagen and visited the newly opened places, tried as much as I could do. I share my experiences in Malmö in this article.

When you walk straight out of the train station and come to the square where placed the statue of Gustav Adolf welcomes you to the newly opened branch of Max Hamburgare.
The Vegan Oumph burger is my all time favorite but it is worth trying out new no chicken vegan burger they recently released last year. You may also be interested in Deli fresh plant burger, but the cheese is not vegan, but you can make it vegan by removing the sauces and cheese.
Max Burger’s burgers are the most popular and delicious burgers in Sweden for years.

Fruit and vegetable market in Möllan region

Close to the Möllan area, this Vegan Bar sells fast food vegan dishes, mainly burgers and beers. I didn’t eat here because I used my burger choice from Max. It can be an alternative for alcohol lovers.

I must say that Möllan and the closer regions are multicultural, similar to Nørrebro in Copenhagen. If you’re thinking to stay in Malmö, it’s better to find hotels near the train station and Lilla Torg in the city center.
Moment Hotel, which is right across from the train station, is my favorite hotel.

A room with the train station and river view could be more pleasing to choose. The rooms are minimal, very cleverly designed. You will have everything you need.

The Coop market and 7 elevens in the train station are just across the street. Don’t forget the newly opened Raw Food House (also known as Agartha Kitchen).

Malmö Saluhall had been renovating for a long time. Unlike many saluhall in sweden, there is no heavy meat smell and plant-based dishes are predominant instead of meat-based products in Malmö.

The factory in Malmö Chokladfabrik was unfortunately closed, but it is possible to find many vegan chocolates of them in Saluhall. Fresh fruit and vegetables and at least one vegan option is available at each restaurant.

AB Småland Malmö, this is a green lifestyle concept store. It is possible to find many nice stuff from plants to designer goods, clothing and vintage products.

It also has a restaurant. The buffet has a lot of vegan food. Some of the Raw Kitchen Malmö cakes are also sold here. A great place to relax and enjoy some raw pastry with oat milk coffee. Would definitely recommend.

Malmö Espresso House had the same vegan products as in all other Swedish cities; pink jackfruit wrap, kimchi and sweet potato salad.

Espresso House
Espresso House

In general they are not tasty enough, for those who want to eat salad, Coop, Willys or Ica is a better option I would say.

Ica Söder, some Ica stores in Sweden are special because they are marked as extra vegan friendly. We can say that the branch where almost all vegan products sold throughout the country are collected. The Hagsätra branch in Stockholm is one of them.

When I came to Malmö, I stopped by Ica Söder, as well as having a discount on many products, I saw some products that could not come together in Stockholm.

Think of a grocery store more than half vegan, that’s where Ica Söder Malmö is. There are constantly discounts on certain products. Products that are not easy to find in every branch are gathered together. It is one of the first branches where new products are sent for test.