Popeye’s Green Juice(Celery, Spinach & Apple)

This juice tastes fresh, flavorful, and mild. Lemon with the apples adds a slightly sweet and zesty taste that blends nicely with the other ingredients for an earthy and smooth finish. 


80 g celery stalks
100 g spinach or collard
250 g fuji apples
1/2 bunch parsley
1 small lemon outer rind removed
Use courgette to make your juice smoother and creamier, or cucumber to make it lighter and fresher. (optional)


1. Chop celery stalks and spinach leaves, parsley into smaller pieces with about 3-4cm in length. Remove seeds from apples; cut in half and divide into 4 parts.
2. Put celeries, spinaches and apples into your juice and juice.

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