Testing Yosa’s Oat Tofu

Yosa was founded over 20 years of ago by an entrepreneurial and innovative Finnish woman called Merja Scharlin. Merja created the fermented oat product category from nordic oats in Finland already in the 1990’s.
And now Yosa Oat Blocks or as they are called in Sweden Yosa Havrebit is available in stores like Hemköp, Coop and Willys.
Nordic oats are known to be of highest quality due to unique climate and growing conditions that can’t be replicated anywhere else. The growing season in the Nordics above the 60th hemisphere is very short but intense. Oats are planted during May and harvested during August and September. The vast amount of light, the midnight sun, makes Nordic growing conditions truly exceptional. During the winter, the soil is frozen and that is one of the reasons why the Nordic soil is pure, and the nature is clean.
A plant-based diet is proven to have a positive impact on the future of our planet, as it helps reduce, for instance, greenhouse gas emissions and water used in production. In addition to supporting the development of the plant-based category, Fazer wants to actively develop sustainable farming. The Fazer Sustainable Grain Farming Principles are developed together with farmers to reduce chemical use in farming while maintaining good productivity. The principles consist of ten measures that aim to keep nutrients in the fields – where they can be used by crops – and out of water systems. The objective is to reduce eutrophication, protect biodiversity and minimize the use of chemicals.

To make test of the product I cooked without herbs and sauce.
The result was excellent. It does not give the heavy taste of soy tofu. Quite light and tasty, I just wanted to eat more.

I hope there will be improvements in this area in other countries around the world. It is an excellent alternative to soy allergy sufferers.

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